Project competition in open procedure | 2020 | Customer: Building construction department of St. Gallen


The proposed new building adopts the concept of a pavilion-style structure. The design features a delicate and low-rise building type that harmonizes with the existing greenery and the existing school building with its sports hall. The new building seamlessly fits into the surroundings, enhancing the urban and landscape qualities of the site without altering its character. When viewed from the west side of the school campus, the volume appears as a single-story building that blends into the existing roofscape. Thanks to the sloping terrain, both levels are accessible at ground level. Inside the building, this dual-level access, combined with separate entrances, ensures a separation of the children. The clear layout with a double-sided walkway still allows for various meeting zones inside, in front of, and behind the house.

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Architektur: Stéphane Chau in Zusammenarbeit mit R.Cavelti
Landschaftsarchitektur: Lukas Schweizer, Zürich