Project competition in open procedure | 2022 | Customer: Canton Luzern, Real estate department | Last round

The existing buildings of the Reussbühl Campus are complemented by a school building and a triple gymnasium, which are compactly placed on the property and, with integrated positioning of the volumes, strengthen the relationship between the campus structures. The ensemble of buildings centrally encompasses differentiated outdoor spaces, which, in a staggered sequence, extend the campus expansion towards the northeastern open space of the property. The rising terrain from northeast to southwest incorporates relocated sports fields in terraced levels alongside designed plazas and pathways. Hard courts for ball sports are arranged as stepped terraces. Modeled grassy slopes with scattered seating steps define the edges of the grass playing field. On the rooftop, pergolas span over green classrooms. Climbing plants, grasses, and flowers create a transparent rooftop oasis.

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Team KCA: Cihan Kuyucu, Stéphane Chau, Maurin Elmer
Landschaftsarchitektur: PR Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH, Arbon
Bauingenieur: Ferrari Gartmann, Chur
Holzwerk / Brandschutz: PIRMIN JUNG AG, Frauenfeld
Haustechnik: G+T Ingenieure GmbH, Winterthur
Nachhaltigkeit: Büro für Nachhaltigkeit am Bau AG, Zürich
Photovoltaikanlage: CIPV GmbH, Winterthur
Visualisierung: Kuyucu Chau Architekten ETH KlG, Zürich