Project competition in open procedure | 2023 | Customer: Association Saint-Raphaël | Last round

The 'Foyer pour Jeunes Travailleurs' is located in a residential area in Sion and provides housing and support for twelve young people facing personal challenges. The theme of homeliness takes center stage: The design of the new building resembles more of a home than an institutional structure. An essential element of the site is the rock formation. The new building, nestled against the rock, functions as an extension of the topography. It establishes a connection between the existing topographic reference levels, allowing for the full utilization of the hill. The organization into multiple half-levels ensures short vertical pathways, enabling optimized spaces and a compact volume. The diagonal line of sight through the staircase provides a straightforward and efficient overview while maintaining a degree of privacy for the residents.

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Team KCA: Cihan Kuyucu, Stéphane Chau, Maurin Elmer
Structural engineer: Ole Ohlbrock, Zürich
Visualization: Kuyucu Chau Architekten ETH KlG, Zürich