• 07.23 / 4th Price in the open competition Berufsbildungscampus Ostschweiz
• 10.21 / 3rd Price in the open competition Maintenance Depot Uzwil
• 04.21 / New office at Vulkanplatz / FOGO, Zürich-Altstetten
• 03.21 / Founding of Kuyucu Chau Architekten KlG

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Juli 2023

4th Price in the open competition “Berufsbildungscampus Ostschweiz”.

From the jury report:
"The 'midpoint' project proposal is centered around four separate buildings interconnected in the basement by a vehicle hall. The training center is situated parallel to Auholzstrasse and forms the central structure with three stories. Running parallel to Auwiesenstrasse and positioned at right angles to the training center, two opposing workshop buildings with two full stories each create an inner workspace area. In the heart of these buildings, a pavilion featuring a cafeteria and multipurpose room, designed with a public character, serves as a focal point. This design promotes a strong connection to the existing training center..."
October 2021

3rd Price in the open competition “Maintenance Depot Uzwil”.

From the jury report:
"In the project "Opus Conclusus", two new structures are built along the two longitudinal borders, creating a well-functioning and efficient Maintenance Depot. Both buildings shield the surrounding neighborhoods from the noise of the depot. The maximum possible open space between the two buildings allows for an efficient exploitation..."
April 2021

Moving into the new office at Vulkanplatz / FOGO

Wir freuen uns über die Fertigstellung des neuen Innenausbaus!
March 2021

Founding of Kuyucu Chau Architekten KlG

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