Project competition in open procedure | 2019 | Customer: Municipality Biel – Bienne​

The entire school expansion is consolidated into a single building, situated lengthwise along Champagneallee, creating two distinct outdoor areas. The future residential development in the Gurzelen Stadium area will result in a densely populated street with tree plantings. Simultaneously, on the courtyard side, a well-defined, panoramic outdoor space for students is formed, which aligns with the existing outdoor facility and is adjacent to the soccer fields, serving as a sheltered and easily accessible central playground. An axis penetrates the building at the ground floor level from Champagneallee, providing access to the gymnasium outside of school hours.

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Architecture: Cihan Kuyucu in cooperation with A. Hänny
Structural engineer: Ferrari Gartmann AG, Chur
Building services: G+T Ingenieure GmbH, Winterthur