Project competition in open procedure | 2021 | Customer: Municipality Uzwil | 3. Price

The new maintenance facility is situated between the northern commercial and industrial buildings and the southern residential area, organized into two elongated structures. Placing both volumes along the parcel boundary concentrates the usage inward, creating a central courtyard for the facility with maneuvering and turning spaces. To the south, a taller building acts as a backdrop to the residential area. The southern building establishes a terraced area as an outdoor space and entrance to the break room and changing rooms on the upper floor, connecting to the existing facility through an external door. This strengthens the collaborative use of the two operations, TBU and the maintenance facility. An external staircase allows employees direct access from the upper spaces to the central courtyard on the ground floor. By adopting the building line along the courtyard of the main building, the elongated structure steps back from Hummelweg, creating a defined entrance space.

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Team KCA: Cihan Kuyucu, Stéphane Chau
Haustechnik: G+T Ingenieure GmbH, Winterthur
Visualisierung: Kuyucu Chau Architekten ETH KlG, Zürich