Project competition in open procedure | 2020 | Customer: Building construction department of St. Gallen

The three-story day care wing and the single-story wing where the three kindergartens are located blend into the surrounding context. While the tall section of the building creates an urban focal point in the open space between Gerhalde Primary School and the Holy Trinity Church, the pavilion-style structure surrounding the courtyard defines the plot, creating an enclosed inner outdoor space and various open outdoor areas that flow freely around the building, including access to the public playground. The floor-to-ceiling windows facing the inner courtyard allow the kindergarten rooms to connect with the outdoor environment, providing a sense of the outdoor space's quality from inside and allowing for an expansion of the interior space to the outside on sunny days. What's inside is also outside.

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Architecture: Cihan Kuyucu in cooperation with A. Hänny
Building services: G+T Ingenieure GmbH, Winterthur