Project competition in open procedure | 2020 | Customer: Cantonal Civil Engineering Office of Thurgau | Last Round

At the transition from the open commercial development to the expansive agricultural landscape west of Amriswil, a new cantonal maintenance facility is being constructed. Two elongated buildings oriented from east to west occupy the rectangular plot. They create the central courtyard of the maintenance facility in the space between them. The layout of the facility continues the pattern of the commercial buildings to the south, lined up along Schroffenstrasse. The northern building is positioned along the parcel boundary, serving as a boundary and providing sound protection for the planned BTS road. The southern building aligns itself with the adjacent building line. Above the workshop areas, there is an architecturally distinctive, lantern-like strip of windows, enhancing natural lighting and allowing for cross-ventilation.

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Team KCA: Cihan Kuyucu, Stéphane Chau
Landschaftsarchitektur: PR Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH, Arbon
Baungenieur: strukturatelier wozniak+, Zürich
Holzbauingenieur: Pirmin Jung AG, Frauenfeld
Haustechnik: G+T Ingenieure GmbH, Winterthur
Visualisierung: Kuyucu Chau Architekten ETH KlG, Zürich